Episode 05 ft. Misty Lee: Situation Normal

The nerd sweats are real as we sit down to talk to voice actor, magician and good friend of the Black Series Rebels, Misty Lee! We chat about the iconic role of Princess Leia on EA's Star Wars Battlefront and the many other ways Star Wars has impacted her life. We also breakdown the news, review some dope kicks and plot another giveaway!


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The Resistance Broadcast:

Steele Wars:


3:35 : Han Solo News (Again...)
9:00 : Bob Iger talks with TMZ
12:00 : Mark Hamill gets a star on Walk of Fame
14:50 : Star Wars wins some awards
15:20 : BFI News (Correction: Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboyz)
17:22 : Rebels on Blu Ray
17:40 : Lucas Museum finds a home in Los Angeles.
21:00 : First look at a PROP FROM HAN SOLO!!!


22:50 : Alex and Steve review and discuss some amazing limited run sneakers from Vans Vault.

30:50 : INTERVIEW w/ Misty Lee (Voice of Leia in Battlefront)

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